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Bolingbrook Soccer Club - Recreational Soccer

Welcome to the Bolingbrook Soccer Club Recreational Soccer Program, where the thrill of soccer meets the joy of learning in a secure and enjoyable setting. Our program is tailor-made to introduce players of all ages and skill levels to the fundamental aspects of soccer, fostering a foundation of skills, teamwork, and sportsmanship. With a strong emphasis on individual development and collaboration, we provide an engaging space for players to discover their passion for the game. Our program offers dynamic Spring and Fall outdoor seasons, catering to ages ranging from pre-K (age 3) through high school (age 18), ensuring that every age group can participate and grow. Additionally, during the Winter months, our focus turns to the captivating world of futsal – an indoor variant of soccer that hones skills and decision-making. Join us in this journey to cultivate soccer abilities, forge friendships, and create cherished memories that will last a lifetime.


Division Ages Minutes/Half Field Size Ball Size Goalie Offsides & Direct Kicks Players on Field
L1 Mini Soccers Pre-K (4 y/o) n/a 20x30 3 No no 4v4 (split squad)
L2 K-1st Grade 8min quarters 25x30 3 Yes no 5v5 (split squad)
L3 2nd-3rd Grade 20 25x35 4 Yes no 7v7
L4 4th-5th Grade 26 50x75 4 Yes yes 9v9
L5 Middle School 30 50x75 5 Yes yes 11v11
L6 High School 32 60v120 5 Yes yes 11v11


Recreational soccer divisions are based on the players age on the day of the first game of the season, not parental choice, or the players skill level. There are limited exceptions.

  • Playing Up: As a benefit/incentive for Head Coaches, they may choose to have their child(ren), on the team they will be personally coaching, play up one division. This can also help BSC build viable teams and divisions.
  • Playing Down: At the discretion of the BSC Soccer Board, players with disabilities may be allowed to play in a lower division (please consult with BSC Board for more information).
  • Division Exceptions: The BSC reserves the right to adjust divisions for players that have birthdays nearest the cutoff dates in order to build viable teams and divisions.  


Recreational soccer follows the FIFA Laws of the Game. The game is modified by BSC, with fewer rules for the lower divisions. At Intermediate and Senior nearly all the rules are in effect. The one BSC change that applies to all Recreational divisions is that slide-tackling is not allowed.


Any boy or girl that will be 3-18 years old on the date of the first game of the season. See the calendar for the exact date. Traveling players cannot also play Recreational soccer. This program is limited based on the number of volunteer coaches.

When and Where are the Games?

Recreational games for Elementary through High School divisions are played on Saturdays.  See the Mini Soccers page for more information about Mini Soccers game times. The Spring season begins mid-April, with a break for Memorial weekend, and the Fall season begins the weekend following Labor Day. See the calendar for the exact dates. Game start times can vary from 8am to noon.  Field information can be found here

When and Where are Practices?

Practice times and locations are determined by each teams head coach. Practices generally start in the week following the player draft. Check the calendar for the draft dates. Location is any park or school grounds that does not interfere with a scheduled/reserved activity. Parks and school fields cannot be reserved for practices. They are generally held one or two times per week, 60-90 minutes, with longer practices for older teams.

Game Cancellations

Games are cancelled for lightning and/or flooded fields. Rain, sleet, wind and snow do not stop soccer. Dress appropriately. Games are not cancelled by coaches, it is a BSC Board decision 30 minutes prior. Games that have reached half-time will not be rescheduled. The final score stands. Cancelling practices is up to each coach.

Registration Fees

Recreational Soccer Fee: $105

Bolingbrook Residents must pay an additional $8 park district fee

Non-Residents must pay an additional $15 park district fee


The last day for a refund will be posted on the recreational calendar for the season. This will generally be the day the coaches receive the team jerseys. The refund will be for the full amount paid. These refunds will be processed in a batch by the 3rd week of the season. At the discretion of the BSC Soccer Board of Directors, later partial refunds may be made in exceptional circumstances.

An exception is that recreational players that successfully tryout and join a BSC Raiders Travel team may receive a full refund or apply those funds towards their traveling fees. Refunds will be processed in a batch by the 3rd week after the last Travel acceptance date.

Waiting List

Team size is limited to give everyone decent playing time. The number of teams is limited by available coaches. Each team has a minimum and maximum size. Because of these factors we will almost always have a waiting list at the end of our team building process. We build teams based on registration order. Register early and you will avoid the waiting list. After teams are built we use the waiting list to replace players if there are drops from the program. If you do sign up for the waiting list and are too late to play, we will at least have your contact information to notify you of the next season’s registration window.  Also see Coaching Opportunities section.

Coaching and Volunteer Opportunities

We are always looking for parent/adult volunteers to help by coaching a Recreational soccer team. Players who have parents willing to coach will move to the top of our registration list. BSC provides training programs for parents/adult volunteers interested in coaching. We hope you will consider helping the BSC Recreational Soccer Program by coaching or volunteering. If interested please contact 

For more information, contact Bolingbrook Soccer Club