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Program Overview

Mini Soccers consists of a combined practice/game session. It is designed to introduce children to the sport of soccer through play and small-sided games. A parent or guardian must be present at each session. BSC does not do fundraisers, but we do need at least 2 coaches per team. Please volunteer when you register online.


Any boy or girl that will be 3 years old at the start of the season. For the purpose of age cut off the start of the season will be April 1 for the spring season and September 1 for the fall season. This program is limited to 80 participants.

What is Included

Players will be provided with: soccer jersey, shorts, socks, #3 soccer ball, participation award, and a snack after each game

When/Where are Practices and Games?

Mini Soccers meets exclusive on Friday evenings between 6 and 7pm in the Spring. In the Fall, Mini Soccers will meet between 6 and 7pm in September and then move to Saturday afternoons in October due to the lack of daylight Friday evenings. There are no additional practice times. All games/practices will be at the Lily Cache soccer fields. See the Facilities menu for maps and directions.


There will be 4 to 8 teams. Each Mini Soccers team will play on 2 small adjacent fields simultaneously. The 10 player team is split into 2 squads of 5. The coach and assistant coach each run one field. There will be kickoffs, and coaches may help with throw-ins. There are no goalies, fouls, offsides, or scorekeeping.

Mini Soccers Info/Questions

Mini Soccers Info/Questions