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COVID-19 Information


IYSA Communicable Disease Release of Liability & Assumption of Risk Management (5/18/20)

Criteria for participation in permitted small group training sessions for athletes, coaches and staff: 


●       Group size must be limited to ten (10) participants or fewer per every coach.    

●       All participants must maintain at least a 6 feet distance between each other.      

●       Small group training sessions should take place outside in an area where social distancing can be maintained.

●       Coaches must collect from each participant the signed “IYSA Communicable Disease Release of Liability and Assumption of Risk Agreement” PRIOR to every athlete’s participation. The form is accessible via the link above. 

●       All player workouts are strictly voluntary and a player's non participation will have zero effect on their standing with the team going forward.   

●       Participants must not exhibit any signs or symptoms of COVID-19 in the past 14 days and have no known exposure to someone that has been ill in 14 days.   

●       Participants must live in the training community and have not travelled for at least 14 days prior to beginning training/activity. 

●       Participants must not have above normal temperature readings.  Anyone with a temperature of 100.4°F or above shall not be permitted to remain on site.

●       If an athlete has any signs or symptoms of COVID-19, the athlete should be sent home and instructed to contact his/her healthcare provider as soon as possible.    

●       Participants should use their own equipment and properly sanitize the equipment after every training session. 

●       Players need to place their belongings at least 6 feet apart from each other. 

●       Participants MUST bring their own water bottle clearly labeled with their name.

●       Players need to bring hand sanitizer.

●       Avoid any activities that may require direct or indirect contact (e.g. scrimmages, 1v1 drills, etc.) between athletes.    

●       Establish a cleaning schedule/protocol for equipment with the proper use of disinfectant before, during, and after training.   

●        Ensure participants are abiding by the State of Illinois’ ordinance regarding appropriate personal protective equipment, (gloves, face mask, etc.)  Masks are permitted but not required to be worn by the players during training.    

●       Coaches must maintain social distancing from all participants.   

●       Teams / groups should be static, with no mixing of employees or participants between groups for the duration of the season. 

●       No interaction is permitted between groups. 

●       The minimum space per group is 50 yards x 50 yards or half of an 11v11 full size field. Minimum 30 feet of distancing space must be maintained between groups.

●       Area for each group must be clearly marked.   

●       Maintain an attendance log for every session.  Club should keep the attendance log on file for duration of each season for tracing purposes.  

●       Organization must follow all of the Restore Illinois Phase 3 Youth Sports Guidelines.


Although Bolingbrook Soccer Club is taking precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19 we assume no responsibility for the risks associated with playing soccer or the possibility of a player contracting the disease.

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